Among Us Game Online Free

Among Us Games Online for Free

Today almost everyone has once heard about Among Us, mostly because of thousands of Internet users, who posted funny moments and tips for it. But few know this famous game was released not even this year.

At first game app became popular because of trendy streamers, who suddenly started to show it to their subscribers. And they can be understood, despite graphics being very simple, the process of finding the impostor, discussing the right candidacy, voting is very interesting and usually funny.

You also can go to private server with your friends and discuss everything with voice to make communication easier. So, it’s not a big surprise, it’s already one of the most popular games 2020.

Try Your Luck Here

We offer you to play it here with no unnecessary donations and downloads. You don’t need any Steam account, other programs to communicate with your crewmates. Just normal computer or mobile device, good mood and perfect company – it’s all that you require enjoying gameplay here.

Find The Impostor

Now you probably wonder, how to play it. First of all, think of creative nickname and pick character. You may try different outfits and pets to diversify your look. Then, after there are enough gamers in lobby and the adventures starts, one of them turns out to be an impostor.

If you are lucky and received this role, your main aim is to sabotage in your spaceship. Your other abilities are to kill your crewmates with a knife or hands and use ventilation as a way to get around. Other astronauts at the same time are trying to fix breakages on the ship and figure out who is the betrayer. They have special tasks, for example, destroy asteroids, take out trash, fix wires and shields.

As soon as some crewmates find something suspicious, they can go to the main room and press the emergency meeting button. Time pauses and everybody starts discussing who is the real traitor. The suspicious crewman might stand in the room for a long time with no reason, going through ventilation or breaking machines. Other have to prove it and make everybody chooses correct person.

Culmination of everything starts, when somebody discovers a dead body and reports it. It is much easier if the crewmate who found it saw the murderer himself. Remember, you have to avoid ejection of wrong character. If you stand alone with the impostor, you will lose. But, as soon as the right person is ejected, your team wins.

As you see, this is a game like mafia, but with more interesting process. We invite you in Among Us to feel amazing atmosphere of finding the traitor between others right now.