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Among Us 2

We bet you were upset, when Among Us 2 was canceled right after the announcement. Previous part gained huge popularity, which was the perfect reason to release a new part. Instead, developers focused on updates for the first one. But here you can try new amazing features of this game. As if Among Us 2 beta version was released.

Familiar Characters

As in the previous game, you and your crew appear on spacious spaceship, large headquarters high in the atmosphere or cosmic base on another planet. You have your own set of tasks varying according to maps and rooms. Try to fix electrical shields, clear filters, take out trash or swipe card quickly before you become dead. You are always in danger because of single or few traitors.

But, if you wonder, how to be imposter, here are some useful tips. There are some ways to kill crewmates in your arsenal: with a sharp knife, big gun or your own hands. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the exact method. On the other hand, every time there is something different in this animation.

Watch whole videos after you caught somebody. You should use ventilation to move faster and catch others off guard. Only you are able to move by it, so be careful, nobody should see how you exit it. Also, use your fantastic sabotage ability to prevent crew members from repairing all buildings and completing all missions. It will take some time to fix interference you caused. Some of them have to be repaired in specific amount of seconds.

We suggest you break electricity and light to make your walkthrough easier. As soon as you do it, nobody will see you killing another crewman. Same goes for communication system – you become invisible for cameras.

Locations are large and detailed. Every room has useful stuff for missions and some cool decorations. The name of chamber describes the furnishings there. Some tasks can only be completed in different rooms. You aren’t able to fix wires if you don’t have electrical shield.

Awesome Game Is Waiting For You

You have already understood you can enjoy Among Us 2 here on every device you have. But did you know that you don’t need to download PC version of it? Just relish it here. All game modes, special features and updates are available to you.

Some exciting novelties were also added. Difficult tasks and detailed maps, that were released, are waiting here. You receive the possibility to invite more people to lobby to make process more interesting. People, who wanted modes, will get it here. Go and check it out yourself.