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Among Us 3D

It is an exciting multiplayer 3d game makes you fully feel the atmosphere of secrets and intrigues.

The gameplay is very simple. Repair the spaceship, headquarters or base, fix every mechanism there and complete other tasks to win as an average character. Kill everyone and cause problems for the crew to succeed as an impostor. You are able to pick cool outfits for your volume character and choose cute pets that will follow you on your way. You probably have already seen them on certain Among Us fanart.

Good thing is people always invent new ways to play it. For example, Hide and Seek game mode is a special combination of settings and different rules on the same locations. Options of it are different on servers. However, basic rules are similar.

Unlike the original game, the impostor reveals himself at the beginning. He immediately presses the emergency meeting button and tells the truth to everyone. Then, he begins to count from 1 to 10, standing at one spot. Everybody hides in different rooms in order to not get killed. You win a match, if you will stay alive by the end of it. Some people also add darkness settings, so that characters can walk around trying not to get caught by impostor.

You need your own server and some friends to cooperate with to try this version. You are able to find groups of random people, who want to try it and join them too.

We know you are a creative person and can think about other versions everybody will enjoy. If your amazing idea fits in the process and locations, everybody will be happy to try it. Make a list of necessary settings for matches and create exciting plot. Don’t be afraid and present it to others. Or just relish standard process and have fun.