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All fans of this exciting game started to draw their personages in different outfits. You probably saw any particular Among Us art. Maybe it inspired developers to add some cool looks that will make your OC stylish and cute.

Thematic Accessories

Perhaps, you have noticed that small updates are always released before big holidays. Developers are trying to please their product’s users with thematic outfits for personages. Among Us isn’t the exception. Last year in autumn they added some cool stuff combined in a cute Halloween costume.

You are able to be whoever you wish. With black witch hat you will become adorable wizard. Scary Jason mask makes you the main villain of popular film. With your friends you are able to host special event parties. Dress as a creepy bad guy from horror movies or cartoons and play in different versions of this fantastic game. You will also find amazing outfits for every big holiday here. For example, you are able to celebrate New Year in festive clothes, or wear something hilarious on Fool’s day.

Despite you are already an astronaut, you are able to receive a special helmet, that is the part of modern spaceman costume. Some costumes like egg hats were made just for you to have fun. They don’t give you any unique benefits in process, but everyone liked it so much and developers continue to release them.

People have already chosen their favorite – in many videos they are walking around wearing leaf hat. If you wonder how to get hats like these, we give you the answer. Some are totally free for everyone, but others can be bought in the process. But here they all are absolutely complimentary, so you should try each of them.

Among Us Skins

You need some proper clothes to complete your amazing look. Not every headgear has its own suitable clothes. But you can combine different variants of them to find your exceptional style. You probably saw some special outfits on pictures on the Internet. Some of them received in updates with new maps. But now they have become unavailable. We provide you the opportunity to try it on your personage without any time limits. You have full access to the wardrobe all time.

The official character creator, that design all looks for them, always receives messages people ask for new clothes. Some of them request beautiful and crazy earrings, others want something extraordinary, like tails. Fans simply beg for new designs of existing models. Among Us is developing right now, so you should patiently wait for subsequent updates.

You should check this version while you wait. Here you will be the most stylish spaceman without any payments. Come and try it now to relish your fascinating pastime.