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Among Us by Innersloth

This game got popular in a matter of seconds, and quickly drew everyone’s attention. Developers went from total ignore to general fame in two years. Adapting to new requests they managed with all difficulties. In the result today you are able to play this amazing product with comfort and enjoy it with others.

Among Us is a cartoon action where a group of ten people completes tasks and tries to find the impostor. Huge amount of possibilities in the game amazes, and doesn’t let you get bored. You can customize your character in different ways.

Various skins, cute accessories and adorable pets make the process funnier and more interesting. Dark space, peaceful song and suspense make you feel a mysterious atmosphere. The impostor will remain anonymous till the end and try to blame other crewmates. He may be very convincing, so that your crew will always eject the wrong person. Crew members have to always monitor the rest, while solving tasks.

If you want to always stay informed, we suggest you subscribe to the developer’s official social pages. There are many updates on their website. You can also find useful tips and other information on the Internet. Some people share their servers, so you can find the perfect one. You just need to follow the rules and be polite, and you will find many new friends.

This game is perfect variant to spend your time with pleasure. This is the best option among other arcades, because of well-developed process and cool community. Your favorite streamers are relishing it right now. Come and try it with them here.