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Among Us quickly led top charts within other cool actions. As a result of great attention from users, there was soon found a main problem in this game, that bothers everyone in the process. After somebody reports the dead crewmate or presses emergency meeting button, people have to open chat and text their suspicions in certain amount of time.

This process isn’t comfortable for many users because of absence of voice chat room. They have to create Discord Server every time they start a match, or find disposable links on the Internet. But here you are able to enjoy Among Us online and use voice to communicate with teammates without any troubles.

There is permanent Discord Server here, that you are able to join anytime. You can calmly discuss who is the real impostor and substantiate your point of view. Members of the community always complain about invisible name other people create. They choose special sights to become unseen, so that nobody can text their empty nick in group chat to blame them.

With possibility to send voice messages this vital problem is solved. To say something in the middle of the match you should use quick keys. Some useful combinations for this particular game you can find on the Internet. They make process comfortable and fast.

The mechanics of the game is easy. You should find the imposter in your crew and eject him. After you hold discussion, you have to elect the right candidate. There is no anonymous voting, so everyone will know your choice. If your crew made the right decision, you will win the game. But if traitor is still alive, be careful and keep your eyes open.

As an impostor, you have to persuade others you are the average crewmate. Try to pass the buck on the one, who saw you over dead body. This brilliant strategy will lead you to victory.

Why are you waiting? Everyone has already started the match, and are communicating with each other now. Come and join our friendly community!