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Among Us started with only single location, set of common tasks and technical rooms. But it got a complete look after some upgrades. Now you are able to assess the finished product with every update here.

Despite all novelties, process of the game stayed the same. You may become either evil impostor or average crewmate. Your main aims differ according to your role. To succeed as an impostor you need to sabotage on the ship or base, killing all other members at the same time. All crewmates have their own aims.

By completing your tasks you closer to winning the global mission – fix the whole building. Impostors will disturb you, cause you problems and try to beat you. In order to win, you should discover who is the real betrayer and eject him.

The interesting part is your game doesn’t end even when you are killed. You can move as a ghost and follow other teammates. Of course, you already know who is the betrayer, so it is fair that you haven’t had the opportunity to text in chat or give sights. Other people don’t see you and interact with you. But you are still able to chat with other ghosts and bet, when the remaining astronauts will catch the right person.

The Skeld

There are three different areas in Among Us. First one is space ship with many technical rooms. You start your game from the cafeteria, where the emergency meeting button is placed. Each chamber contains various stuff for your hard tasks.

It may be the electrical box in the cafeteria where you have to fix wires, the captain seat with the screen to destroy asteroids in weapons chamber or special capsule, where you need to scan yourself in the medbay. This area is full of long and short hallways, different decorations, useful things for your missions and ventilation exits. Stay away from last ones, if you don’t want to be a ghost.

Polus Map

It is set on a space base right on another planet. It brought new difficult problems with itself and mechanisms were also added. Each place here differs from another location.

Impostors now have not only vents to move quickly, but a hole in the earth connected to it. That’s right, there is a site here, where green grass and huge trees are growing. If your crew discovers who is the traitor among you, there is an opportunity to push them into the lava pool in exterior chamber.


The location will transfer you to the atmosphere of the space company. The spacious headquarters is situated in the high layers of Earth’s atmosphere. One of the most interesting parts of this building is where your character is decontaminated in a long hallway on the way to laboratory.

Here you will be able to finish some tasks other astronauts have done. You can process data uploading on the spaceship. Also, it differs because of the absence of cameras to follow your crewmates. And the traitor is ejected in another way – he falls down from the sky and is lost between clouds.

Among Us maps are funnier, when you share it with your friends. Invite them to try it here. You don’t need any special access to relish it together, just assemble lobby and enjoy your game.