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Are you ready to transfer into the breathtaking quest, where you can play as a professional astronaut and detective? Among Us Mobile will make you feel like main hero of cool fictional film.

You heard about Among Us app many times and probably wanted to try it yourself. Your friends, favorite streamers and people on the Internet became fans of this amazing game very quickly. We provide you the opportunity to play it right now. We don’t ask to search for Among Us apk or other programs to upload.

This game has built-in multiplayer, so in the beginning you appear in large spaceship with other people. Your crew has a special mission to prepare onboard systems for departure. Everything becomes complicated because of unexpected appearance of stranger, who looks exactly like other crew, but has different main aim.

While you are fixing all mechanisms, he is causing interference in every system you repaired. Moreover you should be really careful. He will kill every crew member without regret to win. But if you received the role of betrayer, try to find some useful imposter tips on the Internet to win the match.

We made this game for every device and operating system. Whether you try it on Mac or other computer you can fully relish it. The best part is this program doesn’t need you to download for iOS or other systems. Use all mobile devices, don’t be afraid of lags and glitches. Many android users have already left positive reviews.

Invite friends to try the fantastic game here. It is always funnier to play together. So don’t miss the chance to show them who is the best traitor or crewmate.