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Developers managed to create an amazing atmosphere in this exciting game, that keeps you in suspense till the end. Your main aim is to figure out who is the impostor among the crew and eject him in time while nobody gets hurt.

But don’t forget you also have your own tasks that can lead you to victory. There are many different rooms in your large space ship with various mechanisms. Interacting with them, you will be able to fix the whole spacecraft and return home. Among Us is the ideal pastime to train your brains.

You can add different types of missions to game settings before start. Short ones don’t need some extra actions from you. They are located almost in every chamber in all buildings. You have at least one of them in your list if the owner of server decided to add them. You need either more time or more actions to complete long missions. Only if you take all steps and finish last challenge, assignment will be accomplished.

Completing visual tasks is the perfect way to prove you are not an impostor. Everybody is able to see you interacting with special mechanisms, if these difficult objectives are included in settings. For example, clearing asteroids in captain’s chamber is the excellent option for you to become innocent.

Go with teammates and show them whole process. There aren’t many missions like it in the game, so make sure you do them one of the first. Common challenges are made for all crew members. Everybody in turn has to do same actions in order to complete it.

You need to create winning plan to succeed in this sophisticated game. Search the Internet to find a reliable Among Us strategy will fit your skills. There are many useful tips and tricks for your character, especially for imposters. If you are a crewman, you will find something too. For example, vent map is perfect, if you want to catch a traitor in the act. Try to remember it while you play matches.

In Among Us tasks you can try to accomplish every mission that was released. Win matches with your plan, or follow our advice. Come and play it here right now.