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Have you ever wanted to share this amazing atmosphere of Among Us game? You know for sure your friends will totally like the spectacular process, interesting mechanics, cool characters and permanent intrigue hanging in the air. We provide you unique opportunity to show them this fascinating game.

If you have already brought them here and want to know how to play Among Us, we are ready to give some useful advice. Prepare, that somebody will become an impostor. If it is you, try to kill the whole crew and prevent them from returning home.

Don’t feel sorry for other gamers, it’s just a game, where everyone wants to win. Also it is more interesting and exciting when all teammates play seriously. The impostor can cause sabotage and disable all systems on board to make his main task easier. Move about the ventilation to avoid being caught, but don’t show others this ability. Only you have the possibility to use it.

Other ones become average crewmates. Your team gets big list of tasks that will lead you to victory. Most missions are easy and can be completed in one minute. Main difficulty is while you are trying to fix mechanisms, insidious traitor walks around among you, searching for victims.

But if you survive and complete all tasks, you win the whole match. As soon as crew member finds something suspicious, he can call an emergency meeting. There is the main part, where everyone should decide who is the real imposter. With voice chat here you are able to hold a proper discussion and choose right person to eject.

Every Among Us update contains stunning novelties to make the process better. New spacious maps and difficult missions were released last year. And developers are preparing new cool features. You should follow all news about the game to be the one, who will show your playmates all novelties.

With your buddies the game can become more exciting. You are able to organize a tournament and compete with each other. Also, more than 10 players are able to participate in this competition here. Create your own pro league and host serious matches. Decide, who deserves to be the best among your buddies group here.